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How's My Driving?
Do you have feedback or critique on how I play Noa? This is the place to give it! Also if you could provide links to examples with any critique, that would be excellent, since it'll help me identify (and improve!) the issue.
If you'd like to talk in slightly easier but still private way, you can send a PM!
24th-Jun-2012 10:25 pm - activity tracking
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the third, aww yiis
6th-May-2012 12:55 pm - IC Inbox
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noa's inbox

❝Woah, I really get my own inbox?? How nice! I've never had an inbox before! Umm, not that I can remember, at least. You never know with the Limiter! Oh, oh, what do I say?? Umm... Hi? Hi! I'm Noa, your resident Sky Doll™! I'm not here at the moment, but you can just leave a me—Wait, what, I'm running out of time?! Oh no, leaveamessageattheb—❞


27th-Mar-2011 01:48 am - History for Bete Noire
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So before we get to into Noa's history, there are two things that need explaining. The first is Noa's Mnemonic Limiter, which is explained in the appearance section, since it...sort of belongs there. This means that most of the history I'll be explaining here Noa herself doesn't remember. Her current memories start when she was a barmaid at Purgatory (» Space Ship #1, Story #3). The second is the story of the Papal succession, which is central to the plot of Sky Doll. This will be explained more in detail in the reality section, but for now all you need to know is that the current papess is Ludovique because she had her sister and competitor for rule, Agape, killed. Now for Noa's story! Noa was created by The Miracolatore, the right hand man of Ludovique and creator of her "miracles." He put something relating to the Papess Agape inside of Noa, which is implied to be the source of her powers.
(» Sky Doll: Doll's Factory #1)

For an unknown period of time, Noa "lived" inside the Sky Doll factory. She stayed there while the Miracolatore continued to work on her and perfect her, which meant that she had even more limited memories. One encounter in the factory we know of is when Noa met a lost Gothic Lolita model robot (Juliet model) who was looking for her "parents," AKA the family that was planning to take her home. She explains to Juliet that Miracolatore assigned her to the reboot program, which seems to mean that after her required rest, she would wake up an almost completely new person. Noa is told by Miracolatore that she is a "Dreaming Doll" model, meaning that she has "real" memories. However, this meant that Noa would have weird, horrible and vision-like dreams of Agape's memories.

Noa ends up leading Juliet to a different room than the one they were looking for. Noa leads her to the production room where there are hundreds of "Juliets" lined up. Juliet finds out that she's a sexual model, but isn't as surprised as you would expect. Noa continues to lead Juliet to her destination, where Juliet is haughty towards Noa, claiming that Noa took her there to hurt her pride. She also holds herself above Noa since Noa is a "cheaper model." They arrive and Juliet hops in her car with her family. But as it turns out, Juliet was a faulty model. She was being used as a crash test dummy.

The author's notes for this story explain why Juliet met her fate in a little more detail: "The Dolls that think themselves unique and special are considered flawed units..." After this event, Noa decides that it's time for her to leave the factory.
(» Sky Doll: Space Ship #1, Story #1)

Noa attempts to escape the factory one night, pulling herself free from her power cord and stumbling into the next room. There, she finds lines of other Sky Dolls, and winds one up. When it asks her what she wants to do, Noa sets the doll up as a decoy. The doll goes one way as Noa escapes--she encounters a group of guards and kills them (it's implied that they aren't the first), but when the guards catch up to a Doll, it's the one that Noa had wound up. Noa manages to escape the factory with her key and a manual for Sky Dolls, but all of her memories of the escape and everything before it vanished. She knows that she has to belong to someone to be wound up, but decides that it will be her choice from then on.
(» Sky Doll: Doll's Factory #1)

Noa had a series of jobs of an unknown length before we get to the main series. However, a handful of them are expanded briefly in the Space Ship series. There's no real chronological order to them other than the resume that she gives in Sky Doll #1, but that's only of the last three jobs that she can remember. So I sort of made up my own chronology based on how they reference each other.

So the first job that we know of is when she was a cowgirl at a ranch. Noa worked with two other Dolls, Candace and Ingrid in taking care of and herding cattle. When the cattle are infested with milk-sucking toads (exactly what it sounds like,) Noa has the great idea to kick the cows in their proverbial tits to try and get the toads off. A man watches from afar and decides to approach the girls, thinking that they could be customers.

He introduces himself as Spike Romano, a very eccentric and odd man. Noa and Ingrid are doubtful, but Candace is totally taken by his eccentricity. Noa and Ingrid try and blow him off, saying they have work to do, so he gives them laser guns to shoot them off. They don't know how to shoot, though, so he has to teach them. They manage to get the toads off the cows with their new guns, but once the dust is clear, they see that pairs of cows are now joined at the head. Spike does admit that's why they were recalled, but his head is now stuck to Ingrid's.

It actually turns out perfectly well, though. Their owner didn't mind, since the cattle were easier to handle that way, but Candace and Noa ended up getting fired. Candace was perfectly alright with that, though, since she married Spike--Noa was the bridesmaid at their wedding! But after that excitement, Noa decides to return to the city.
(» Sky Doll: Space Ship #1, Story #2)

Noa's next job is told through the eyes of someone that overlooks her work. He's a young musician, and Noa is, essentially, his muse. He goes to see her before and after work every time she works, and plays music for her to listen to once she's done working. The bishops of Johanna are corrupt, so even though it's frowned upon for them, Noa worked in secret. She was a dominatrix made up to look like Papess Ludovique. General dominatrix goes on, etc.

When Noa exited two hours later for the meeting told, she took off some of the dominatrix gear. The young man approached, and said that he wrote a song for her. Noa listened and told him that she liked it, and they discuss his song a bit. But when he asked if they would meet at the same place next week, Noa responded that it was her last job, and thanked him.
(» Sky Doll: Space Ship #2, Story #2)

This is where Noa's memories begin! Noa worked in a cosplay bar called "Purgatory," where she was the barmaid. The story is mostly about the other dolls working there in this story. A Gothic model named Justine who is into voodoo kinds of stuff attempted to cast a curse on their bitchy owner. They were missing one part of the required spell items (tears of a virgin, haha), but they decided to just skip it and go onto the dance. So they make Noa do DDR, but the spell backfires. This is because:
a) They were missing virginal tears
b) Noa can't dance
c) It was bullshit anyways
d) All of the above

One of their customers vomits a space plasma bug, or something, which knocks Justine out. When she wakes up, she's hoping that she was able to become a human, since that's what the spell was really for, but of course it didn't work. Noa decides to look for a new job!
(» Sky Doll: Space Ship #1, Story #3)

Mentioned as a part of her resume in Sky Doll: Space Ship #1, Noa was briefly a test-dummy for a company called Astromachine. But what we do have information on was when she worked as a cab driver for Flying Angels. The story with this one is pretty simple! Noa drives around two drunken passengers, but they leave a leg behind. A holy relic, to be exact. She realizes that she accidentally swapped her passengers' holy relic with a Sky Doll leg, so she decides again that it's time for a new job.
(» Sky Doll: Space Ship #2, Story #1)

And that's how Noa came to Haven Spaceship Wash, her current place of employment. Noa works for a guy that calls himself "God," and works with four other Sky Dolls in a sexy spaceship wash. They're all scantily clad, and basically the business plan is "dolls rubbing themselves against the front window of a shapeship and sort of clean it." God is a a jerk who deals in selling illegal relics, and the pay is bad, but it's not actually that bad of a job, so Noa is there to stay.

...For a little while, at least.
(» Sky Doll: Space Ship #1, Story #1, Sky Doll: Space Ship #2, Story #3 & Sky Doll: Issue #1, "Yellow City")
24th-Aug-2010 03:02 pm - HMD
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